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Galapagos Days 11-13

Sept 6, Day 11

Tagus Cove, Isabela and Espanoza Point, Fernandina Island
Today we started with a zodiac ride followed by a short hike aided by our sturdy walking stick for balance. From the zodiac, we saw a baby fur seal sealion splash into sea, swim a few feet, then pop back up onto his rock and struggle back to the top section. He looked really tiny, but we were a pretty far away so probably he was an average size (but still super cute). We also saw some flightless cormorants and a couple Galapagos penguins in the water and one standing up on a rock! (see pics)

Today we had two snorkel sessions, but I went with only the second one as I didn’’t want to get in and out of a wet wetsuit even a shortie. I may have chosen wrong as my brother in law Joe caught some penguins on camera swimming in the morning session, and all I saw in the afternoon was a turtle, some fish, and a sea lion.

Sept 7, day 12

Urvina Bay, Isabela Island
This morning was a wet landing and a particularly rough one. A wet landing is when the zodiac pulls close to shore, then one person at a time, you swing both legs over the side, and when the timing is right as the waves ebb and flow moving the boat, you slip off the side into the water and then walk onto shore before the waves slam into you. Usually, they are mild and no timing or big waves are involved, but today we all got a bit wet. Once on land it was perfectly calm and we saw a ton of yellow land iguanas and 4 land tortoises. One land iguana tried to scare us off by aggressively bobbing its head to claim territory, but it eventually gave up as this just resulted in us excitedly snapping more pictures.

Vicente Roca Point, Isabela Island
On the afternoon snorkel we saw tons of sea turtles and I once saw 8 around me though our guide said there were at least 30 in the bay as they like to feed on the algae bed there. I also saw a sea lion but he apparently had no time to play as he just whipped by us. On the way back to the boat we saw a huge manta ray! Later on the zodiac ride through that same area, in addition to all the turtles, we saw an adorable adolescent flightless cormorant swimming in the water. He was attracted to the fringelike ropes hanging from the zodiac and starting playing with them. (see pics)

Sept 8, Day 13

Bartalome Island
Today in the morning, we did a dry landing onto Bartolome Island and then walked up 380 steps to the top. Once there, our efforts were rewarded with a beautiful scene below of two bays with a narrow strip of land between them. It was gorgeous (see pics). Afterwards we went snorkeling off Pinnacle Rock in Bartolome where we saw a couple penguins on rocks, a couple reef sharks, a turtle, a sea lion, and a stingray!

Daphne Island
For the afternoon, we went back to Santa Cruz Island and did a walk along Bachus Beach to a brackish pond where we saw a lone flamingo as well as a blue heron.

Picture Collage: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MqEw6_5iuehiNM5xs7_GFqlSscj88oMA/view?usp=sharing

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