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Galapagos Day 10

We got up for a hike in the morning on Rabida Island where we saw our first flycatcher bird. The hike was followed by a snorkel where we saw many fish and got to swim with a couple of sea lions again. I tried doing a somersault in the water but was very ungraceful and I think all I accomplished was splashing the snorkelers around me and confusing the sea lion. I later tried doing one sideways with the snorkel side of my head out of the water and sort of making a circle on the surface and he seemed to respond to that. He did some of the same, but then tried to teach me how to do a bunch more interesting things which I was completely unable to do. He was very sweet (see pics)

The afternoon activity was another nature walk, this time on Santiago Island, where we saw our first land iguanas and our first fur seals, which aren’t really seals. They are just sea lions that are smaller and have fur so everyone calls them “fur seals.” They were very cute. Two of the differences between seals and sea lions are that sea lions have their ears and reproductive organs on the outside whereas real seals keep all that inside. We also witnessed a mother sea lion that had two babies, one newborn and one from a previous year that was still drinking milk. The older one was persistent in trying to get milk, but the mother was not letting it. Then the newborn (a few weeks old) tried to come over for milk but the older sibling attacked it and drove it away. The mother tried to go to the baby, but again the older sibling drove away the baby. The mother kept trying to fight with the older one to get it to leave her alone, but it wouldn’t. (see video) Hopefully it gives up in time for the newborn to get milk. One of the previous guides I had said that sometimes the new babies don’t make it because the older ones hog all the milk, and a mother can have as many as 3 babies (one born every 9 months or so) at a time. I’ll post video of the mom and two babies:

(note: the current guide was not one of our most knowledgeable so he said only one pup at a time, which is incorrect according to google and previous guide). It’s heartbreaking, but again the Galapagos way is to not interfere unless to fix a problem created by man.

Photo Collage: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19Ayt_z6Dv4ZzDdiRCfrdH85VweTXXIAi/view?usp=sharing

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